Installation 101 – For Residential homes/areas

It is important to properly care for the underlying soil and base when completing a paver installation. First, 7-8 inches of pavement and soil are removed from the installation area(s). Usually, residential areas have 4 inches of either thick cement or asphalt. These 4 inches are usually what needs to be removed. After this removal, we excavate 2-4 more inches (depending on the area being excavated), which is essentially 6-8 inches below the original surface.

After excavation, 4 inches of aggregate (crushed rock), which is known as class 2 base, is graded and compacted thoroughly. Next, one inch of bedding sand is installed followed by chosen pavers. The pavers are then cemented in and around all needed borders. BEfore the project is completed, joint-sand is applied (and compacted) to the entire surface in order to fill in all joints.

Finally, workers come to clean the installation area. Please note that this process is entirely dependant on the size, thickness, etc. of the chosen paver.

For commercial and multi-family dwellings usually require more excavation and base.